Central African Republic: Bangui Submerged In Water Following Huge Floods

Inhabitants of the capital of the Central African Republic, Bangui are still in shock upon waking on Monday morning to realize that they could not leave their houses because they were submerged in water. 

The floods followed several days of torrential rains and damage is estimated at hundreds of millions of FCFA. 

Fortunately, no deaths have been reported so far.

Seriously affected quarters include Kilometre 10 in the northern outskirts of the capital as well as the centre of the city where several houses and shops have been affected. 

Circulation throughout the city also came to a standstill.

Other affected areas include Avenue des Martyrs and the 8th District police station where residents and road users were forced to virtually swim all day to move from one location to the other.

Water from the Ngoubagara canal invaded the street sowing desolation and destruction.

Authorities of the Bangui Urban Council have since been silent as desolate citizens question why the situation where the national capital is submerged in flood waters persists year after year without a lasting solution.

“Woe betide the municipal authorities of this capital who think they owe the citizens nothing once they have been voted into office. 

“What do they do with the hundreds of millions of FCFA voted by the council each year when they cannot even protect the citizens from such recurrent natural disasters?” asked one citizen standing near the sumptuous residence of businessman Alima in PK10.

“One has the impression that though the powers that be here have since been moved from a military regime to a civilian government, the military mentality still pervades the actions of the ruling class here. 

“When disasters like this happen, the government is supposed to talk to the people at least to console them but what we have here is a reign of silence when disaster strikes. 

“They are so used to giving orders without taking actions themselves”, another inhabitant of the capital city, who opted for anonymity for fear of reprisals, said.

“This is a government of promises and we are so used to the promises never being kept that it has become our way of life not to ask questions when promises are not kept”, added another distraught capital resident.

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