CAR – UN Moves FPRC Fighter Who Killed Forestry Staff In Bria To Bangui

The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) has transferred a certain Taguile, suspected to be a combatant of the Front populaire pour la renaissance de Centrafrique (FPRC) involved in internal clashes between FPRC fighters.

The fighting, which took place in Bria, led to the death of a staff of the Ministry of Water and Forestry who was identified as Rafadeck, said to have been assassinated by Taguile.

According to eye witness accounts, the corpse of Rafadeck, the Water and Forestry agent, was discovered in the bush October 13, 2020. 

Investigations led to the arrest of Taguile, a combatant with the FPRC which is made up mostly of Rounga, Arabs and Sara tribesmen as well as Chadians.

The late Rafadeck is reported to have gone to his farm situated within the periphery of Bria, on October 12, 2020. 

After more than 24 hours, nothing was heard from him forcing his family to report his absence to the FPRC gendarmerie who eventually opened an investigation.

During the course of the said investigation, Taguile was the prime suspect because he had earlier quarreled with the deceased. 

A search in his house found some things belonging to the dead water and forestry official.

Taguile was invited to the gendarmerie for questioning but he refused to report at the gendarmerie leading to a serious exchange of words between the FPRC gendarmes who were sent to his house to arrest him.

However, at his house, Taguile refused to accompany his colleagues to the gendarmerie occasioning an exchange of fire lasting for several hours. 

The fighting only stopped after the intervention of MINUSCA soldiers.

Taguile was eventually arrested and transferred to the MINUSCA military base in Bria from where he was transferred to the Research and Investigation Section of MINUSCA in Bangui. 

He is expected to be charged to court this week, according to sources involved in the investigation.

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