Lockdown Is Necessary But …, Nigerians Say

With the whole world groaning under the weight of coronavirus, some Nigerians have been forced to accept the reality imposed by the pandemic.

A twitter poll conducted by HumAngle reveals that people are torn between obeying the lockdown order because of the need to curtail the virus spread and disregarding it due to financial and mental constraints.

On April 13, President Muhammadu Buhari extended the lockdown for 14 more days. The announcement was made 14 days after the first lockdown which began on March 31.

Out of 2, 491 people surveyed, 54 per cent agreed that the lockdown should continue.

When further probed, some said although the choice was not convenient, it was necessary to combat the spread of the virus.

They added that the government should provide and ensure proper distribution of palliative measures for the citizens during the lockdown.

A respondent @RichesRic wrote on twitter, “The lockdown should continue but with more efforts from the government to cushion its effects on Nigerians.”

Daniel Ekuma echoed similar thoughts and said, “COVID-19 is real and to avoid spread, let’s stay at home but the government should provide something for the citizens to enable them survive this period.”

But 33 per cent described the lockdown extension as “exhausting”.

Buchi Dodji said, “There is no way Nigeria can sustain this lockdown without exploding. A lot of families are suffering because of this lockdown.”

Some respondents described those supporting the lockdown extension as privileged and “well to do”.

Dodji continued, “I believe that those saying this should continue are well to do but lest we forget, you are just a handful.”

The remaining 13 per cent of the respondents said they would resist the restriction.

So far, there have been isolated reports of some residents in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun flouting the restriction order.

Hunger and other financial constraints have been attributed to be the causes of the disobedience.

Currently, Nigeria has 407 confirmed cases of coronavirus across 20 states.

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