DR Congo Group Against Renewal Of UN Mission Mandate On Security

The Mouvement des Indignes de la Situation Securitaire en Republique Democratique du Congo (MISS-RDC) – Movement of the Angry over the Security Situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo – has declared its opposition to the renewal of the mandate of the Mission de l’organisation des Nations Unies pour la Stabilite du Congo (MONUSCO) – United Nations Organisation Mission for the Stability of Congo.

In a statement issued last weekend but just made public, the movement said the withdrawal of the UN Mission would enable the Congolese people to take their destiny into their own hands.

It said that since the arrival of the UN Mission in Congo, it “has not done anything beneficial to the peace process in Congo”.

“This armed branch of the United Nations behaves more like a non-governmental organisation than a veritable stabilisation mission,” MISS-RDC declared.

It recalled that “the principal role of the UN Mission was to protect the civilian populations in conformity with international law and not play the role of a humanitarian non-governmental organisation in DR Congo.”

The Movement of the Angry noted that each year, the mandate of the UN Mission was renewed but in concrete terms, nothing palpable was put at its disposal to ensure the security of the civilian populations.

The movement said the security situation within the national territory clearly demonstrated that the UN Mission did not take into account the demands of the Congolese population to be deeply involved beside the army in the restoration of peace, especially as the defective actions of the army were always pointed out by the movement.

“Humanism, which is the prime mover behind the creation of the United Nations Organisation must in reality be demonstrated through organs such as the Security Council which oversees MONUSCO but we are not seeing nor feeling the efficacy of the military in combatting serious crimes,” MISS-RDC declared.

The movement revealed that due to its worries, it had proposed a resort to the Geneva Convention which is a judicial instrument in the conduct of international humanitarian law and suggested that the mandate of MONUSCO should no longer be renewed for any reason.

“We are expecting the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Chief of Mission Leila Zerougui to determine the enemy with whom Congo should negotiate as she had suggested during a conference held in Kinshasa on October 22, 2018,” MISS-RDC declared.

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