Court Jails 6 Policemen for killing Mozambican election observer

A court in Mozambique on Thursday, sentenced six policemen to prison sentences of between three years and 24 years in prison for their involvement in the killing of election observer and human rights activist Anastácio Matavel in October, 2019.

The Judicial Court of the Province of Gaza, southern Mozambique, presided by Judge Ana Liquidão sentenced Tudelo Guirrugo, Edson Silica and Alfredo Macuácua to 24 years in prison each. Another defendant, Euclídio Mapulasse got 23 years, and Januário Rungo and Justino Muchanga received three years jail sentence each.

The seventh defendant and only civilian in the case, Ricardo Manganhe, was acquitted. It was proved that he played no role in the crime. He is a primary school teacher who was accused of lending the vehicle to the cops.

The murder of Anastácio Matavel sent shock waves and deserved condemnation in the country and abroad,

given the violent nature, in the middle of the electoral campaign, on the verge of the general Mozambican vote of October 15 last year.

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