Central African Republic: Former Anti-Balaka Chief Threatens Attack After Abduction Of Daughter By 3R Rebels

The former chief of the Anti-Balaka movement in Nana-Mabere, in the Central African Republic, has threatened to take up arms again following the abduction of his daughter by rebels of the Retour, Réclamation et Réhabilitation (3R) movement.

Gbokaho Minang Sylvain, also known as Marcel Ndale, has subsequently called on the Bangui government to do everything in its power to ensure that his daughter is released immediately, otherwise he and his combatants will return to arms once again.

“There is a time for war and another time for peace. The 3R wants to push us to return to the past by fighting against one another. But to us, this time has evolved”, declared the Anti-Balaka former chief.

The former rebel chief revealed that his daughter was kidnapped on September 16, 2020 in the sub prefecture of Baboua precisely in the village of Ndongori. 

The 12-year-old girl was kidnapped along with her 18-year-old brother who was released several hours afterwards. 

The rebels have continued to hold the 12-year-old girl.

Recounting the incident, Marcel Ndale said, “After the closing of schools following the coronavirus pandemic, my children went on holidays to search for small jobs to do in order to earn some money to help in the payment of their school fees and the purchase of their school needs. 

“Before leaving, I called and told them that children had already returned to school and that they should quickly return and take part in the end-of-year exams with their classmates. 

“It was as they were returning to the house that they came across the 3R fighters who kidnapped them. The boy was released by the assailants while the girl was taken away by the unknown individuals”, he said. 

“We signed a peace accord here in Bouar. We, the Anti-Balaka, have never thought of causing trouble but all the time, we only hear about the 3R fighters”, the former chief declared.

According to Marcel Ndale, the government must do everything to find his abducted daughter. 

“In other words, if nothing is done, we are going to take our responsibility into our own hands”, Marcel Ndale said.

It should be recalled that since the “Operation Ala Londo” carried out jointly by the United Nations forces and the Central African army against the emplacements of 3R rebels, the combatants have changed their modus operandi and have adopted terrorist tactics. 

These include taking elements of the forces of law and order as well as civilians hostage in exchange for ransom or demands on government and the international community which militarily supports the army of the Central African Republic.

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