Cameroon Forces Kill 4 Boko Haram Terrorists

Cameroon security forces have confirmed killing four Boko Haram terrorists, assisted by local vigilantes.

Four Boko Haram terrorists were killed on Sunday in Achigachia, a locality situated in the Mozogo Council area of the Mayo Sanaga division, Far North region of Cameroon. 

The terrorists were killed in an operation by the Cameroon security forces assisted by the town’s vigilante group. 

Local sources told HumAngle that several Boko Haram terrorists were wounded in the operation and two children aged 13 were also captured.

“It would appear the children are new recruits into the ranks of the terrorists and were found in possession of dangerous substances,” a member of the vigilante group told HumAngle.

“The two boys confessed to having participated in the rape of two girls some days earlier in the village of Mayari just after being paid some money by their Boko Haram handlers.”

The Boko Haram fighters were said to have entered the villages of Achigachia and Gakara to loot some food and properties from the villages but were stopped on their tracks before executing their plans.

In recent times, the terrorists have been targetting foodstuff. 

Despite claims by the Cameroon military authorities that they have broken the backbone of the terrorist sect, Boko Haram seems to be more than ever before capable of causing severe damage to the security forces and civilian populations in the Far North region. 

On Jan. 8,  fighters of the sect carried out a suicide attack on a refugee camp situated in the village of Mozogo during which 13 persons were killed including eight children and other adolescents. 

After discretely entering the camp and raising an alarm, one of the terrorists profited from the confusion that ensued to detonate the explosive device she was carrying leading to the death of the 13 persons.

Members of the terrorist sect, as well as those of a dissident branch which is just making its entry into Cameroon, namely the Islamic State in West Africa (ISWAP), have recently increased their attacks on military and civilian targets in the Far North region of Cameroon as well as neighbouring vicinities in Nigeria, Niger and Chad.

They have also been abducting women and children whom they use as sex slaves and trainee terrorists and carriers.

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