Cameroon Army Kills Anglophone Separatist Self-Proclaimed ‘General’

The Cameroon Army has killed a self-proclaimed General leading Anglophone separatists in Cameroon, on Sunday night.

A self-proclaimed ‘general’ of the Anglophone separatists in Cameroon has been killed, the Army said.

HumAngle was informed that the separatist leader was killed during a military operation in the locality of Mbalangi along the Kumba-Buea road in the Southwest region.

The operation took place on the night of Sunday, Feb.7.

According to a communique issued by Atonfack Guemo Serge Cyrille, a Naval Captain and the spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense,  the separatist general whose nom de guerre was given as “Above The Law” was killed along with five of his combatants while they were meeting to plan attacks on the town of Kumba.

Several of his fighters were also wounded while others fled during the late-night operation.

“On the night of Sunday 7 to Monday 8 February 2021, on receipt of intelligence from the population, the defense forces carried out an important operation in the locality of Mbalangi, Mbonge subdivision, Meme Division, Southwest region,” the Defence Ministry communique reads.

The document revealed that the operation’s objective was to knock out armed terrorists meeting to programme attacks in Kumba and environs.

“On the approach of the army infiltrators, these individuals … immediately opened fire on the elements of the defense forces who responded appropriately.”

“The death toll at the end of this violent confrontation was five terrorists neutralised and others wounded and on the run. Several arms and ammunition were captured,” the communique revealed.

It stated that among those killed in the firefight were the famous T-Boy and the self-proclaimed ‘General Above The Law’.

The army accused the two separatist fighters of having led the group of armed men who on Oct. 24, 2020, massacred seven students of the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in Kumba and several other attacks within Meme division.

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