Boko Haram Releases New Video, Confirms Link with Terror Groups in Niger State

The Shekau’s faction of Boko Haram, Jama’atu Ahlussunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad, has released a new video and confirmed its link with the armed groups in Niger State that also operate in the Northwest.

The six minutes and five seconds video shows fully armed fighters speaking in Hausa, English and Kanuri.

“Special greetings from your jihadi brethren in the Lake Chad Basin. Greetings to our leader Abu Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Abubakar Asshakawy,” a masked first speaker started in Hausa.

“My second message is for all of the Mujahideen, especially those close to us. We send you Islamic greetings.

“My other message is for all the unbelievers in the world. Repent, you still have time. And if you don’t, wait and see what will happen to you very soon,” he said.

Other speakers in English and Kanuri emphasised the same message in different languages.

“My message to Kuffar (unbelievers). O’Kuffar, you have time to repent to Allah before Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala punishes you with our hands,” the English speaker warned.

“Soon you will see what is happening in your marketplaces. Soon you’ll see what is happening in your offices.

“Soon you’ll see what is happening in your homes. Anywhere you are, soon you’ll see what is happening,” he added.

Another terrorist promised to track down whoever the Nigerian Army sent for an undercover operation in their midst.

Niger Terrorists Speak

HumAngle had earlier reported plans by terror groups in the northeast to forge an alliance with militia groups in both Northcentral and Northwest Nigeria.

In the video released today, a fighter was shown saying he is from Niger State and sending greetings to his brethren in Sambisa, Lake Chad and Zamfara.

“We send greetings to our brethren in Sambisa, Lake Chad and Zamfara,” he said.

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  1. What a warped generation of indoctrinated youths. This is a product of insincere and uncoordinated leadership in Nigeria. How can people take pride in taking lives that they never created.
    HumAngle well done for your efforts to keep the activities of these terrorists in the front burner so that government would not relax in its efforts to eradicate their activities.

    1. You said it all, as it is. Failure of leadership and nothing else is blame for this deep and dirty shit!

    2. Before we blame leadership and talk about indoctrination, let us know where they are coming from, on what do they stand and I their position true and Germaine according to their ideology or religion?

      What if they are the ones practicing the true religion? And what if the ones we are accusing of not being coordinated and not doing much know these people are right and do just playing along?

      How many people know that chapter 9 of the Qur’an was not abrogated by any other chapter?

      Until we know the truth and talk about it, we will keep living in the deception of political correctness.

  2. I commend the daunting efforts of HumAngle. Exposing government weaknesses is not antigovernment. It is pro-government especially in Nigeria where those in corridors of power are conditioned to listen to what pleases them as scripted by the so called advisers. I pray God to guide you.

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